Having a problem with the product you just received and want to replace it or even to refund it; Lets see what you can do.

In case of replace

We cannot replace any product with other product or version. When you buy a software is like buying a car, you just cannot drive it back to the car dealer and take another car. You bough it, you keep it.

In case of refund

We do refund under those cases.
If your software is not fully functional, is defective or is damaged and doesn’t working we will offer you those choices.

  1. a full refund.
  2. the right to change the software.
  3. We will send you the exact software you order but a working one.

Keep in mind that :
In cases of a technical problem with your computer, mobile phone or tablet: we do not have any responsibility and we cannot allow any refunds. You should contact to an Service Center or buy a new device.

Terms and conditions for exercising the right of refund:

You can ask for a refund in case of a defective product within five (5) calendar days of receiving the product and if we cant change the defective product with a working one you will refunded within 30 days. In order to do so you must not have any open escalate against us on PayPal and you have to inform us at [email protected] by call at +30 694 5643 534.

Exceptions for exercising the right of refund:

Too many activations:
If for any reason you installed the key number or the account on too many computers and other devices and the manufacture of the software disabled your key/account then you CANNOT ask for any refund, every key/account can activated on specific number of devices and by law it’s not legal to activated on more devices without upgrading the key or buying a second one, third one and so on. Each of our products says on how many devices you can use it and for how long.

Return due to wrong product delivery:
If  by mistake we delivery a wrong product  from the one you ordered, you can keep it free of charge. Although, we will delivery you the right product within 24 hours.

Return due to another version:
If  we delivery the for example the version V.3 of a software and you biught the version V.1 (so we gave you an updated version) you cannot ask for any refund as long the manufacture of the software says that both version can run on the same device with the same hardware parts. If the updated version need an upgraded device then we will give the right version or you may ask for a refund. PS. If you update the version to a new one and you need the old version we DO NOT accept any refunds request because it will be your false.

Return due false purchase:
We do not acknowledge the case of an false purchase and will NOT accept any returns or refunds.

item not received because of wrong email:

  • If you have type your email wrong you can login to your account and change it so we can re-send you your product, if you do not have an account with us you can contact us at [email protected] and write us down you email and we will change it for you. After we change your email we will forward again your product to your new email.
  • If you didn’t receive your product because you type wrong your email you CANNOT ask for a refund or cancellation. We can simple send you your order to your prefered email address. Write us an email to inform us your email address and we will send you within 8hours your product.
  • If you have not check your SPAM folder on your email address and you thought that we didn’t send you the product, you CANNOT ask for a refund or cancelation. You simple must go to your SPAM folder and search our email.If you have thousands of spam and you can’t find it, ask us to send it again.

In case you need additional assistance you can contact our customer service department at [email protected].